Shubha Devudu

Shubha Devudu

Founder & Director

Idea of our startup

  • This institute was founded by Shubha Devudu who had been associated with corporate leadership roles for the past 19 years. She has a Masters in English and possesses a business management degree with relevant certifications. During her corporate tenure, she was one of the most successful leaders who has developed strong teams, guided students and mentored and upskilled employees for their roles in different domains.
  • During her tenure, she travelled around the world and achieved first hand experience of varied cultures. With this experience, she has observed and realized the millennials who desired to seek various job roles are not aware of certain foundation skills like, confidence building, communication, present ability, interview skills etc and decided to start a coaching school where fresh college graduates seeking a job, school and college dropouts have to bridge the gap to build their career and refine these skills.
  • Her goal is to ensure the millennials who lack the required skills involved in doing these roles and keep trying without any direction should be steered in the right direction to develop these skills. This thought led her to set up a finishing school where the millennials are made ready to “get things right the first time and every time”.

“When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms. When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates. When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit. When knowledge is lit, economy flourishes.”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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